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Notifi Health is an innovative healthcare IT company offering products that improve care quality and the effectiveness of healthcare operations across a variety of delivery environments. Notifi Health’s market includes hospitals, integrated health networks, large group practices, standalone imaging centers and reference laboratories.

After working with hundreds of hospitals, Notifi Health developed its first product, Notifi, in 2009. Notifi is an intelligent communication platform which automates the discovery and delivery of time sensitive healthcare information in a secure and fully documented manner. In essence, it ensures the right information gets to the right people, immediately. Notifi identifies and automates the communication of important information, identifies the correct on call personnel, uses the form of communication preferred by the recipient, and automatically follows up if a response is not received. Notifi integrates seamlessly with a care provider’s existing application environment, augmenting and extending the effectiveness of these applications by automating the delivery of clinical information to the care providers and patients who need it most.

Notifi is an enterprise-wide solution supporting the ability to deliver information in multiple modalities including secure texting, secure emails, telephony, faxing and paging. Integrated with Notifi is a free mobile application, MyNotifi. The Notifi platform ensures time sensitive information is received and acted upon, and it documents the process for operational, compliance and potential litigation purposes. Notifi improves revenue and reduces both operational costs and medical liability for hospitals, reference labs, independent imaging centers and private practices.