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Communicating the right
information to the right
team members

Coordinating care within the acute care setting requires good communications. All team members assigned to a patient’s care need to be informed of changes to the patient’s condition or status. With shifting schedules and changes in patient status, managing the communications to all team members is challenging. Notifi automates the communication of the time-sensitive information to each clinical care team member in a secure and HIPAA-compliant manner.

ED Visits
Communicate ED Visits to the Patient’s PCP Immediately

A patient shows up in your Emergency Department. You treat the patient and send them home. Several hours later they experience a complication and call their PCP, who knows nothing about their recent ED event. Notifi can help close the communication gap to improve care coordination. Every time a patient is seen in your ED, Notifi can automatically send a message to that patient’s PCP, letting them know who was seen, why and what was done to treat the patient.

In the event there is no PCP, Notifi can message directly to the patient if concerning results are processed after the patient has been discharged. Notifi’s automated communication ensures better care coordination between acute and community care providers, improves the level of satisfaction of referring doctors, and reduces repeat ED visits.

Notifi listens to all ADT traffic looking for clinically meaningful information needed for care coordination as well as monitors changes in patient condition to automatically alert care providers when action needs to be taken

  • Automated messaging to PCP of ED visit activity and test results
  • Ensures PCP and other referring physicians within the community are aware of care provided in the ED
  • Ability to directly notify the patient of concerning results received after they have been discharged
  • Messages to patient can also assess their health status and alert the hospital of post discharge complications reducing repeat ED visits.

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.