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Notifi Tracks Responses to Recommended Studies to Generate Additional Revenue

Embedded within many dictated reports are recommendations that the patient have an additional study to rule in/out a suspected diagnosis. But are these recommendations actually followed up on or are they overlooked? Via sophisticated data mining, Notifi identify reports where a recommendation for an additional study has been dictated. It can then automatically send a complementary message to the original written report ensuring that the referring/PCP physician is aware of the recommendation. Based on policy, Notifi can even require that the receiving physician respond to the reminder confirming their intent to order a follow on study.

Notifi can also present all recommended additional studies to an in-house nurse or patient navigator team via an intuitive, easy to navigate, online worklist that enables them to quickly and easily see all patients requiring direct follow up contact. If desired, Notifi can even facilitate the communications to the patient to remind them that they need to get the procedure scheduled and performed.

Notifi Manages Closed Loop Communication of Recommended Studies

  • Automatic review of every dictated study identifying those with recommended follow up studies
  • Communicates reinforcing messages to referring physician or PCP
  • Messages can solicit a response to confirm the recommendation will be acted on
  • Supports nurse and patient navigation teams via on line worklist including patient and doctor contact information for rapid and convenient follow up
  • Automated patient communications reinforce timely follow up testing and helps generate additional revenue


Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.