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Engaged Communications Reduces No-shows

A patient not showing up for a scheduled appointment costs money and means the patient isn’t receiving the diagnostic or treatment service they need. Notifi is different than traditional reminder messaging because it’s a two-way dialogue with the patient, ensuring they confirm upcoming appointments. When they need to be rescheduled, Notifi assists in easily connecting them to the scheduling department.

Notifi supports a variety of communication protocols based on the patient’s preference, including text messaging, emails and telephony. It will even escalate reminders if the patient hasn’t confirmed an appointment. Notifi reminders support a variety of patient convenience features such as having the appointment downloadable to their personal calendar or offering GPS driving directions. When a patient doesn’t show up, Notifi can automatically notify the ordering physician for individual follow-up.

Notifi Increases Revenue

In the first six months of use at a community hospital, Notifi demonstrated an 85% reduction in patient no-shows. It now automates patient reminders for 16 different departments. Learn More→

Notifi can also send out preregistration reminders, inform the patient of unique registration or parking considerations and, by linking to your financial system, can even inform the patient of their copay amount.

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.