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Quickly and Conveniently Reach Both Patients and Employees

A thunderstorm has blown a transformer. You have no power but are scheduled to see 60 patients that day. How do you reach them quickly and easily? Notifi can send a message to all the patients, informing them that they will need to be rescheduled. The Notifi message can even embed the speed-dial number for the scheduling department to help them get rescheduled.

Whether it's a power outage, inclement weather or some other unexpected announcement, Notifi can reach large groups of people quickly and easily. More than just sending out alerts, it can also request that the recipient of the alert respond to the notice. This can include trauma team or code blue alerts, ensuring that on call responders acknowledge their availability to respond.

In less life-threatening or time-urgent situations, the Notifi broadcasting capability can help to reach new patients or follow up with existing ones. Notifi can be used to perform targeted marketing surveys, inform patients of upcoming health screening, provide education for specific disease states and even be used to assess health and wellness. Using intelligent filtering logic, Notifi can reach all patients treated with like diagnoses or clinical conditions.

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.