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Test Results

Notifi Contacts the Right People to Manage Critical Test Results

Notifi reduces the labor cost and increases compliance in managing the communication and documentation of critical test results for radiology, laboratory, pathology, cardiology and other diagnostic areas. Notifi automates the process of communicating critical or urgent test results to both doctors and to nurses based on their personal communications preferences (e.g. “Send me results via a secure text message between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM but call my service after hours”). Notifi knows which doctors are on call and currently treating the patient, and can automatically route results to the correct physician and/or nurse station.

Notifi Surpasses All Other Critical Test Result Management Solutions

  • Automates communication of critical results for all diagnostic departments, creating a consistent, enterprise-wide method for test result communication and documentation
  • Addresses Joint Commission Patient Safety Goal #2 by requiring closed loop acknowledgment
  • Rules-based system is flexible and adaptable to automate organizational policies while supporting individual care provider’s personal communication preference
  • “Extends the reach” of your current EMR/EHR applications to deliver results to mobile users
  • Supports multiple communication protocols: secure texting, secure emails, paging, faxing and telephony based on the recipient’s individual preferences
  • Sends results to the appropriate doctor. Notifi knows where the patient located, who is on call and automatically routes results to the correct nurse station and physician

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.