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Reduce Patient Wait Time and Improve Patient Discharge Flow

The patient has been treated and is ready to go home. But they have to wait hours while final discharge results and orders are processed. Notifi can automate the communication, review and sign off of discharge orders to speed up the process of getting patients out the door and freeing up the bed or room for another patient. Notifi works seamlessly with the hospital’s existing EMR system to expedite the communication and sign off of discharge orders. This reduces the wait time for patients who are anxious to go home and more quickly makes the bed available for the next patient.

Notifi Reduces Discharge Wait Time for Faster Patient Throughput

  • Seamless integration with existing EMR systems to identify and communicate discharge orders and facilitate sign off
  • Identifies discharge orders awaiting approval and automates the communication to the appropriate physician
  • On call awareness and personal physician communications preferences ensures information gets to the correct doctor
  • Closed loop confirmation and automated escalation rules reduce discharge wait times
  • Supports ability to simultaneously send results to multiple recipients including housekeeping, environmental services, nursing and patient transport, to speed room clean up to free up beds for other patients

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.