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Notifi Identifies and Tracks Incidental Findings Saving Time and Lives

Upwards of 50% of all CT scans of the lungs result in an incidental finding, but few of these are actually acted on or result in a follow up diagnostic study. Other diagnostic tests (colonography studies, blunt traumas, etc.) also consistently expose “incidentalomas.” Trying to communicate incidental findings and, even more challenging, trying to track whether something was actually done in response to the finding, is laborious and costly. Unless you use Notifi.

Notifi automatically data mines every dictated report looking for incidental findings. It uses the lexicon that your doctors use to identify truly significant findings and reduces false positives. Based on organizational protocols, Notifi can either automatically send a reminder communication of an incidental finding back to the attending physician or PCP or create a tailored worklist of findings for in-house nurse navigation teams. Notifi’s closed loop delivery process ensures incidental findings are acted upon improving care quality, increasing revenue and reducing liability.

Notifi Supports Nurse Navigation and Lung Cancer Programs

  • Automatic review of every pulmonary study which include incidental findings
  • Lexicon tailored to specific disease states and unique clinical findings
  • Reports with valid incidental findings summarized via real time worklist
  • Patient and physician contact information presented for ease of follow up
  • Automated patient reminders reinforce timely testing and treatment

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.