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MyNotifi – Enterprise-wide Answer to Secure Mobile Communication with Doctors

More than 95% of doctors use smart phones, and they are using them in their clinical practice. The challenge is how to connect to these devices securely and cost-effectively. Notifi and the MyNotifi mobile application are the answer.

Notifi identifies information generated by diagnostic and EMR/EHR systems that needs expedited communication. It connects in a secure, encrypted manner to the MyNotifi mobile application. MyNotifi is available for free for all Android and iPhone users. MyNotifi segregates important clinical information from other mobile communications, organizes it in an intuitive manner, and allows doctors and other care providers to easily review, acknowledge, respond and forward time sensitive information.

MyNotifi is also able to show the on call status of other physicians, enabling secure text-based, peer-to-peer dialogue with other physicians. It also allows physicians to set their on call status as well as identity specific locations where they are assigned (e.g. 4-South).

Key features of the MyNotifi mobile application include:

  • Segregation and organization of clinical information sent to the mobile device
  • Highlighting abnormal/out-of-range test results for easy review and action
  • One-click acknowledgement of critical results
  • Visually on call status for all staff members
  • Secure texting for peer-to-peer communications
  • Support for forwarding messages, files and images

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.