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Admit Alerts

Automatically Inform All Appropriate Care Providers on Patient Admission

During the admission process, the patient states they had a prior history of MRSA at another facility or communicates other important clinical information gathered during the H&P. How do you get this vital information to all downstream care providers who will treat this patient? Using an intelligent rules engine, Notifi can immediately communicate important patient registration and clinical information to all appropriate care providers within the downstream care process. This can include nursing, housekeeping, infection control, risk management and others. Communications can be sent securely to care provider’s personal mobile devices, to nurse station specific phone lines or other mobile house phones such as Spectralink devices.

Notifi Automates Communication of Clinically Significant Admissions

  • Notifi “reads” the admission record, scanning for clinically-significant information
  • Rules-based system governs who should be alerted and of what information
  • Flexible communication engine accommodates multiple communication methods and encrypts all messages to ensure PHI is protected
  • Closed-loop messaging process enables personnel who receive alerts to confirm their receipt if required by policy
  • Notifi is an effective tool in managing immediate communication of potential infection risks

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.