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Enhancing adherence,
a vital contributor
to outcomes

Ensuring that patients keep appointments, follow discharge instructions and perform the preventive care they need to manage chronic diseases is a major challenge in healthcare today. How can you track and improve patient compliance inexpensively and effectively?

Notifi automates communications to patients. It provides intuitive and easy-to-understand communications that remind patients of upcoming appointments, and follows up with them after care is delivered to ensure they comply with instructions and aren’t experiencing post-care complications.

Notifi doesn’t just deliver information, it engages patients in a two-way dialogue to ensure they both understand and follow instructions. When they don’t, Notifi can automatically alert a nurse navigator or other care provider for personalized communication.

Notifi provides a better way to engage patients, reduce no-shows, increase revenue and improve outcomes.

ED Visits
Communicate ED Visits to the Patient’s PCP Immediately

A patient shows up in your Emergency Department. You treat the patient and send them home. Several hours later they experience a complication and call their PCP, who knows nothing about their recent ED event. Notifi can help close the communication gap. Every time a patient is seen in your ED, Notifi can automatically send a message to that patient’s PCP, letting them know who was seen, why and what was done to treat the patient.

In the event there is no PCP, Notifi can message directly to the patient if concerning results are processed after the patient has been discharged. Notifi’s automated communication ensures better care coordination between acute and community care providers, improves the level of satisfaction of referring doctors, and reduces repeat ED visits.

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.