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Reduce Costly and Avoidable Readmissions With Engaged Patient Communication

The role of the hospital is changing from a treatment center to a wellness center. Ensuring patients are effectively treated is just the start. Making sure patients adhere to discharge instructions and don’t get readmitted unnecessarily is equally challenging. Notifi is an effective communication tool that can easily and cost-effectively address these issues.

Notifi can send customized messages to patients post-discharge with specific instructions tied to their discharge diagnosis or procedure. Notifi can help ensure that patients pick up discharge medications and make a follow-up appointment with their primary care physician.

Notifi can even be used as an assessment tool to ensure post care complications are made known as soon as possible. One example would be to send a brief electronic questionnaire to a patient post-surgery to ensure there are no site infections. Based on how the patient answers the questions, Notifi can automatically route the responses to a nurse navigator for direct patient follow up.

Going beyond clinical follow up, Notifi is also a convenient and cost effective way to perform post care patient satisfaction surveys.

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.