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Notifi Automates Identification and Delivery of STAT Test Results

In the typical hospital setting, a significant percentage of tests which are ordered STAT end up with normal values. The question is whether to call these results since they were ordered STAT or not? Notifi can automatically communicate results for tests which were ordered STAT but have normal values. Notifi is aware of which physicians are on call at the time when the results are ready and even knows the best way to reach that doctor (e.g. secure text message to their phone vs. sending a page). This significantly reduces the time Medical Technologists spend on the phone calling results. Notifi ensures ordering physicians get their results on time and automatically documents when and how results were delivered, for operational and compliance reporting.

Notifi Supports Automatic Communication of STAT Test Results

  • Automated communication eliminates manual calling of test results
  • Rules-based delivery system supports multiple secure, communication techniques
  • On call awareness and personal physician communications preferences ensures information gets to the correct doctor
  • Intelligent and flexible delivery engine can be configured to only automate test results needing expedited communication
  • Supports ability to simultaneously send results to multiple physician recipients such as the attending, ordering or hospitalist as well as to nurses at the patient’s current nurse station

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.