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When Seconds Count

The radiology study reveals a head trauma, and trauma team members need to quickly go into action. Notifi can help. As soon as a trauma is indicated via a diagnostic study, Notifi can automatically inform all trauma team members with a single, soundless (no overhead paging) alert. Notifi can even track which team members are actually available to respond resulting in faster, better care.

The ability to send time-sensitive clinical information goes beyond trauma or code blue alerts. Many patients or clinical situations require time-sensitive communication to multiple clinical team members. Notifi has the intelligence to automatically route messages to multiple care team members based on the type of alert. It even knows who is on call and focuses only on these team members.

Notifi Immediately Alerts Care Providers of Time Critical Information

  • Seamless integration with existing EMR systems to identify and communicate vital test results or code blue alerts
  • On call awareness and personal physician communications preferences ensures information gets to the right care team members
  • Closed loop confirmation and automated escalation rules ensure team member’s availability and response to urgent alerts
  • Rules-based workflow allows for custom alerts to multiple recipients based on the unique result, shift, and available team members.

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.