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Delivering Information in Record Time for Better Outcomes

Notifi is an enterprise-wide communication platform that improves healthcare delivery and contributes to better outcomes by reducing the time and effort associated with communicating and documenting time-sensitive information. Notifi gets the right information to the right person at the right time on the right platform, significantly improving productivity for both diagnostic department personnel and nursing staff. Notifi automatically documents all communications to provide a complete audit trail for compliance and legal requirements. Notifi reduces costs and increases revenue by improving resource utilization, reducing avoidable readmissions and increasing patient satisfaction.

Additional Notifi Benefits Include

  • Lowering malpractice premiums through critical test result management
  • Improving patient satisfaction by allowing care providers to devote more time to direct patient care
  • Enhancing HCAHPS scores, which increases revenue
  • Helping reach Meaningful Use requirements, for higher incentive payments
  • Reducing capital outlay, since Notifi is offered on a subscription pay-as-you-go basis,  and therefore treated as an operating expense


Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.