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  • As a critical test results management system, Notifi helps to address Joint Commission Patient Safety Goals
  • Compliance with Joint Commission also supports compliance with CAP and ACR regulations
  • Notifi’s automatic documentation of all communications creates complete audit trail

Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal #2: Improve the effectiveness of communication among caregivers

  • NPSG.02.03.01: Report critical results of tests and diagnostic procedures on a timely basis. Notifi does this and meets this requirement
  • In addition, Notifi ADT Alerts helps to address Goal #7: Reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections (NPSG.07.03.01: Implement evidence-based practices to prevent health care-associated infections due to multidrug-resistant organisms in acute care hospitals)

Automatic documentation of all communications with date/time stamp creates audit trail

  • In litigation it is often true that, if a task wasn’t documented…it wasn’t done. Poor or lacking documentation creates liability
  • Notifi automatically creates an audit trail usable in court and in compliance audits
  • Audit trail also useful in ensuring adherence to policies. Data is stored in SQL database and is able to generate comparative reports showing where policies are not complied with and by whom

Notifi intelligent alerting and integrated filtering reduces alert fatigue. Caregivers are more likely to respond to fewer and more meaningful alerts

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.