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Notifi significantly increases the productivity of diagnostic departments by automating the time-consuming task of manually calling critical or significant results. Notifi assures compliance with Joint Commission, CAP and other regulatory agencies by ensuring receipt acknowledgment “read back” of delivered test results and automated escalation when necessary.

The major benefits to diagnostic departments include:

  • Communicating critical or significant test results
    • Whether radiologists personally call critical findings or hand off the call process to staff, Notifi can completely automate the communication and documentation process
    • Laboratory calling of critical or stat test results is completely automated by Notifi, freeing up Medical Technologists to perform more tests resulting in greater productivity
    • Notifi automatically escalates the communication process if receipt acknowledgement does not occur within defined timeframes, and documents all steps involved in the test result delivery
  • Notifi knows which doctors are on call and the preferred way to reach them
    • Reduces the time to find the right doctor
    • Eliminates the frustration of calling the wrong doctor
    • When the right doctor is reached faster, compliance requirements are met while improving the quality of care being delivered
    • Closed loop acknowledgement process with auto-escalation makes additional attempts when there is no acknowledgement and informs department personnel
  • Notifi automatically documents all communication efforts
    • Eliminates manual call logs
    • Creates reports used for Joint Commission reviews, CAP, ACR and medical/legal requirements

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.