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Enterprise Wide


  • Notifi can be used within a single department (e.g. automating communications of critical test results in lab or radiology) or as an enterprise-wide communication platform
  • Notifi delivers comprehensive and consistent messaging and alerts, eliminating need for multiple, parochial departmental or niche solutions

Comprehensive and consistent

  • One system for all communications outside of information available in the EMR/EHR
  • Consistent method to reach mobile resources
  • Supports secure use of BYOD
  • Intelligent rules engine addresses unique organization-wide criteria as well as individual user needs. Not a one-size-fits-all solution

Extends the reach of the EMR/EHR

  • Designed to complement existing applications
  • Delivers information to people wherever they are, on the platform they designate for that time of day or day of week
  • Closed loop communication with auto-escalations ensures information is delivered when needed
  • Fills in the communication gaps associated with care hand-offs

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.