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Improved Satisfaction for Care Providers and Patients

  • Summary
    • Clinical professionals should be focused on patient care rather than administrative tasks
    • Notifi reduces or eliminates numerous administrative tasks
  • Nursing
    • Automates the manual effort to communicate and document critical test results
    • Conveniently shows which doctors are on call
      • Saves time by showing who to call and the best way to reach them
      • Reduces annoying calls to off-duty doctors
    • Connects to house phone systems (e.g. Spectralink, Ascom), eliminating need to walk between patient’s room and the station
    • Increases direct patient care time, resulting in more satisfied nurses
  • Staff Physicians
    • MyNotifi mobile application organizes data sent to their mobile device
    • Allows one-click test receipt acknowledgement
    • Intelligent filtering reduces alert fatigue
    • On call awareness eliminates inappropriate calls
    • On call directory makes it easy to reach colleagues
  • Referring Physicians
    • Automatic notifications of patient care services performed in hospital ensures better care coordination
      • ED Visits
      • Discharge dates and orders
      • Changes in patient condition/location
  • Patients
    • Provides more face-time with nurses and doctors because these people are spending less time performing administrative tasks
    • Care quality is improved through better communication among care team members
    • Patient family members can receive automated communications regarding patient condition or location changes, as well as get alerts regarding discharge process
    • Discharge time is shortened
    • Post-care follow-up communications ensure patients are assessed after they leave the hospital
      • Demonstrates hospital commitment to the patient
      • Avoids costly re-admissions

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.