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  • Summary
    • Improves optimal utilization of resources
      • Frees people to do tasks that they do best
      • Reduced patient no shows for scheduled appointments
    • Drives more business to the organization
      • Ensures incidental findings are followed up on
      • Helps turn recommended studies into scheduled appointments
    • Helps optimize Meaningful Use incentives
  • Notifi appointment reminders dramatically reduce no-show rates  
  • Significantly increases revenue by following up on incidental findings or recommended additional studies
    • Between 10 – 20% of incidental findings should have a follow-up test
    • Poor follow-up may result in lower revenue. Not catching a problem in the early stages of the disease results in costly care later
    • Notifi can identify reports recommending follow-up tests/studies, and automatically communicates reminder/reinforcement to referring physician, which helps drive business to hospital
  • Speeding up patient discharge process frees up beds to shorten wait times and increase revenue
    • Results of discharge orders can be automatically communicated to attending physician for faster sign-off
    • Housekeeping and environmental services can be automatically alerted when beds free up so they can be made available for the next patient
  • Notifi addresses Meaningful Use Standards
    • Stage 2: Meaningful Use Core Measure 12 of 17: Preventive Care Measure  objective is to use clinically relevant information to identify patients who should receive reminders for preventive/follow-up care. Notifi sends reminders in the mode indicated by patient preference
    • Stage 2: Meaningful Use Core Measure 17 of 17: Use Secure Electronic Messaging objective is to use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health matters
    • Stage 3 will have a requirement for communication of a significant patient health event. Final regulations are not available but Notifi is able to read through structured data as well as text-based patient data, find significant events and automatically communicate these to designated recipients

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.