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  • Reduces administrative time, which lowers operating costs for overtime and nurse registry services
  • Less administrative time allows for staff to be redeployed, which eliminates the cost to hire/train new personnel
  • Better, more complete documentation of critical test result communication can also lower insurance premiums
  • Reduces costly avoidable readmissions through better patient assessment and engagement post-discharge
  • A documented critical test results management system is proven to lower malpractice insurance premiums
  • Complete documentation and communication of test results lowers personnel commitment to preparing for or participating in depositions
  • Automation of e-utilization management rules lowers resource utilization and costs
    • Notifi can review every test order and compare them against active utilization rules (e.g. expensive genetics test won't be processed unless there has been a precursor test performed)
    • Notifi can compare ordered tests against a patient’s insurance carrier to see if pre-authorization is required, and automatically list these tests for business office personnel to use in contacting the carrier
  • Notifi can automatically enhance post-care delivery/discharge
    • Follows up with patient to assess condition and reinforce behavior
    • Messages can be tailored by discharge diagnosis or primary procedure
      • Assess if patient is experiencing post care complications (e.g. surgical patient who may have infection)
      • Reinforce and confirm if discharge instructions have been followed
        • Pick up discharge meds
        • Make appointment with PCP
        • Remind them of future appointments
        • Direct patient to hospital portal for disease management education
    • Support internal nurse or patient navigator teams
      • Automatically creates worklist of patient requiring follow-up
      • Displays both contact information and important clinical information
      • Allows nurse/patient navigator to switch back and forth between manual calls and Notifi automated communication (e.g. nurse has tried the patient 3X without success. She turns on Notifi automated communications to alert patient and redirect them to the nurse/patient navigator)

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.