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Notifi automates the time consuming task of informing doctors of critical test results called from diagnostic departments. It automates the communications of these results to doctors without nursing intervention and then enables these doctors to quickly reach the correct nurse assigned to the patient. Notifi shows which doctors are on call saving time and effort for nursing when they need to contact physicians quickly. Notifi also automates the documentation of critical results communication enabling nurses to spend more time in direct patient care.

Notifi’s key benefits to nursing include:

  • Reducing calls from diagnostic departments to nursing to communicate test results
  • Automatically communicates test results to attending doctors, eliminating the need for nursing to call them
  • Automatically communicates stat test results to nursing station, eliminating the need to repeatedly call the lab (or other diagnostic department) for results
  • Eliminates nursing documentation of critical test result communications, because Notifi automates the process
  • Notifi’s on call directory makes it easy for nurses to reach the correct on call doctor, and shows who is on call by specialty
  • Integrates with house phones used by nursing as well as enables secure text communication between nurses and doctors when using personal BYOD mobile devices

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.