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  • Better communications = better care
  • Ensures all clinical care team members are on the same page
  • Addresses Joint Commission patient safety goals and Meaningful Use goals
  • Automates communication of ADT or hospital-based events (Code Blue/Trauma Alert) for faster response time
  • Extends communication and care to patients post-discharge, reducing avoidable readmissions

Care coordination enhanced through communication coordination

  • Staff physicians (attending, hospitalist, specialist, intern, etc.) as well as nursing and other care providers all get fast and consistent information
  • Information is delivered to their personal mobile devices, speeding up response time
  • Improves handoffs and care transitions with ambulatory and community care providers
    • Better communication between hospital-provided care and community physicians
    • Follow-up on incidental findings and additional recommended studies ensures patients get the tests and treatment they need before things get serious

Automatic documentation of all communications with date/time stamp creates audit trail

  • In litigation it is often true that, although a task was done, if it wasn’t documented in court, the lack of documentation creates liability
  • Notifi automatically creates an audit trail usable in court and in compliance audits
  • Audit trail also useful in ensuring adherence to policies. Data is stored in SQL database and is able to generate comparative reports showing where policies are not complied with and by whom

Trauma and Code Alerting

  • Decreases response time for trauma events such as a STEMI (ST segment elevation myocardial infarction) and PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention)
  • Automates communication of key diagnostic results to trauma team members and ensures availability to respond
  • Improves handoffs and care transitions addressing patient safety and care requirements
  • Automates group notifications to your code team with escalation to covering on call team members, gaining efficiencies in team coordination and allowing your team more time to focus on providing outstanding patient care

Infection Control

  • Streamlines communication for infectious disease team, helping to ensure precautions and protocols are in place to successfully control and stop the spread of infection
  • Notifi’s discovery engine automatically identifies triggers for alerts when a patient is screened on admittance, such as recent visits out of country, lab results, and prior history of infection
  • Automates notifications to infection control, environmental services, and nurse care teams to prevent exposure to staff, other patients and family

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.