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Notifi intelligently communicates time sensitive information to doctors when they are not in front of a hospital terminal. It identifies test results which need immediate action and securely automates the communication of these results to a doctor’s personal mobile device. Notifi enables convenient acknowledgment of these results ensuring compliance with hospital policy and regulatory requirements. Notifi's ability to know and display who is on call means fewer incorrect calls while enabling rapid connection between doctors and nursing.

Notifi key benefits for Staff Physicians include:

  • Automated and secure communication of important clinical information right to the doctor’s personal mobile device
  • MyNotifi mobile application organizes, segregates and prioritizes alerts sent to a physician’s mobile device
    • Simple, fast and convenient display of important clinical information
    • "One Button" acknowledgement of critical test results
  • Personalized communication method determined by each physician, and the best way to reach doctors by day of the week/hour of the day (e.g. “Text me critical results to my cell phone between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM but call my service after hours”)
  • Access to on call directory showing peer physicians who are on call and one click secure texting
  • Notifi’s on call awareness eliminates erroneous calls from nursing to doctors who are off call
  • Integrated secure text messaging makes it easier to connect with peers
  • Secure, encrypted system protects PHI

Notifi:Better Communication...Better Care.